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ZSecurity Internet Suite 2010
ZSecurity offers you protection against viruses,spyware, malware, trojans, spam emails end much more and uses up very little computer resources at the same time
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ZSecurity Anti Virus 2010
Rapid updates so you are prepared for anything and everything. Scans and eliminates viruses. 99.5% Effective verified by AV-Test! Keep your data safe!
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Free Automatic Upgrade

When you purchase any of ZSecurity's
products, you automatically receive
free upgrades to our latest versions of
software products. We have just launched ZSecurity 2010 .ZSecurity 2009
users would be upgraded
automatically remotely in a few weeks.

Latest Threats & Risks

The Threat Explorer is a comprehensive resource
consumers can turn to for daily, accurate, up-to-date
info on the latest threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Severity Name Type
Trojan EakeAV!gen2 Trojan
Backdoor.Tidserv!gen Trojan
W32.SillyFDC.BDB Trojan
W32.SillyFDC.BDA Trojan
W32.SillyFDC.BDZ Trojan
Trojan.KBredolab!gen2 Trojan
Trojan,Kissderform Trojan

Free Software

ZSecurity Online Scanner
scans your computer for viruses,spyware,malware and adware for FREE and check if your computer has been  infected . It only takes a few minutes.         

Resources on

ZSecurity helps users with .For more info on , please go to our threats section for our library of resources on

Free Software

ZSecurity Health Check
scan your computer to see if you have
any outdated software programs,                
updated antivirus software & a firewall
to protect yourself against hackers.

Awards and Reviews
October 15, 2009

" IS2010 has less system impact with 80%
less memory use with 70% and a redesign graphical user interface.
In addition, the security suite handles security problems automatically with less user interactivity"
vOctober 8, 2009

"the intereface is simple,cool and clear with a good level of configurations "

Sept 30 2009

"ZSecurity 2010 is clearly the lightest and simplest to use. It will be perfectly appropriate for anyone who wants to be protected, without having to devote time or energy or system resources. "

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